The One With Cowboy Steve II

I assume you figured out by now who I referred to in my anticipated date – of course it had been Cowboy Steve I decided to give another chance. I still cannot understand why it is that this particular guy had such a deep emotional hold over me but then if we understood love this whole boy-girl thing would not be the mystery it is.

Our date itself isn’t really worth that much of an elaborate story, it just was not special in any way. Not necessarily because it was bad, but after all it wasn’t new. So we just picked up where we had left off a couple months ago as if nothing had ever happened and arranged for me to come round to his. The initial hello was a little strange and a good few minutes past in which we both behaved very much like awkward teenagers at the school disco.

But we began talking eventually, ordered pizza and at some point he started kissing me and of course we ended up in his bed about ten minutes later for a satisfying but ultimately standard if not brief interaction. There wasn’t a round two which was a little disappointing but not too much of an issue really as the pizza guy rang the bell within minutes of us finishing. I did make a mental note though that he wasn’t allowed on the red wine next time until after the deed was completed to my satisfaction – two glasses seemed to have a massively detrimental effect on his soldier.

It seemed incredibly reassuring how easily we slipped back into flowing conversation and genuine laughs. We were both able to pick up seemlessly from the last time we sat on his sofa. The evening flew by that way and he did ask me in the end to stay the night, but I was not prepared for that – neither practically nor emotionally. He had bought me another perfume I had asked for on his last trip abroad for the stag do of one of his friends and I cannot lie, I was chuffed to bits about that.

It did get rather late in the end and as I was not going to stay he decided to walk me to me car, which was quite cute. I got a very prolonged kiss good night before I set off and I was not too unhappy about giving it another try at this point.

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