The Teetotaller

2018/09/26 – by Nelly, London

After chatting to this guy for a few weeks after him suggesting to meet up, I thought why not, no harm in a few drinks.

I met up with him in a local bar and when I arrived he bought me a drink – lovely. He did not drink, which is fine, each to their own. However making me feel bad for drinking is not so fine. Neither is making out that I’m some sort of slut ‘who, no offence, must have done this loads of times’ – right, nice.

As the evening went on, it became more and more clear that there was no spark at all. We had nothing in common. I tried talking about travelling; he’d never really been anywhere and didn’t even have a passport. I tried talking about food – he was a fussy eater. Talking to him, he really didn’t seem to have much to say about himself. Him and his friends sounded a bit like the Inbetweeners.

I felt like I was really scraping the barrel for conversation and it was exhausting. Eventually it got to five to 9, this was back in the summer so Love Island was still on. I remember looking at my phone and thinking I’d really rather watch Love Island with a cup of tea. I made my excuses and he walked me home.

I didn’t message him back and he didn’t message me, I think he got the idea that I just wasn’t that into him. If this date showed me one thing, it’s that a good chat is really important to me. Yes, sex is great and an important part of a relationship but sometimes you do just need a proper conversation.

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