The One With The Ragazzo ROMAntico

As you know by now, the best cure for a broken heart is, in my book, a new date. I have to admit that after the upheaval of recent weeks, I am very much not heartbroken at all, but rather relieved and quite happy. And now no more of cowboys…..

I have a very soft spot for Italian guys, I mean how can you not? As long as they don’t shave their legs, they have style, dress impeccably, smell good and talk with the cutest accent there ever was. And they almost always are rather on the handsome side. I happened to be near this guys work during the week, so we arranged a date later that evening. On a side note – cramming too much into one day, especially towards the end of a week, bad call. I was so high on caffeine by the time we met, I was a little worried I came across like a hummingbird on speed.

My ragazzo was not only incredibly cute, but also a little flirt. In a nice way. But then everything sounds nice said to you with an Italian accent, doesn’t really matter what they say. We went for some Italian food, in a nice little place in Knightsbridge – it seemed a rather fitting theme for the evening. He was very sweet and attentive and I think you can imagine this went down rather well with me. We chatted a lot about Italy (of course), how we had both found our way into London from the continent, where we had been on holiday recently, what we liked doing in our spare time. I did regret a little I was so tired and the evening had to come to a close quite a bit earlier than I wanted it too, b was seriously lacking in the ability to keep my eye lids open. And that had nothing to do with my company!

We walked to the station together and in a strange twist of fate realised we were both heading back to the same station. Given that I have been hanging round this particular area for we ll over a decade now and he had been living there for years too, funny we had never crossed paths before. When we were sitting on the tube, we would sometimes catch each other’s eye in the reflection of the window opposite and smile at each other. Very cute right?

Being the gentleman he was, he walked me to my car. And being not quite the lady I normally am, I decided he deserved a good night kiss. And not just on the cheek….. I am quite pleased to tell you that even though he was a little surprised at first, he most definitely didn’t mind me doing so one bit. We had to eventually let each other go and go our separate ways for the night, but for now you can rest assured there will be a second date soon. And maybe even a third. Let’s wait and see.

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