February 2019

Another flown by week, dominated by the cat being naughty and giant nosebleeds from various sons. My favourite combination. Not. Oh and my kids turned out to be dirty little stop-outs with a little help from their most beloved auntie.

Our little Thunder has been more of a Pinocchio since Christmas Eve (you know, not a real boy anymore) so he was behaving himself since then but this week he decided to use Son C’s duvet repeatedly as a toilet. Ewwwww, so gross. I really have other things to do in life than wash bedding all the time. So now pussycat is sleeping in the kitchen, much to his dismay. He’ll live.

Son C had a couple of nightly nosebleeds this week, he’s really good dealing with them I have to give him that, but of course he still needs cuddles and kisses so ended up in my bed more then once. Quite convenient as it turns out with that nasty cat business going on. He has them sometimes so it’s not a big deal. It was however, when Son A’s school rang my work on Friday to tell me he needed collecting immediately due to red floods making their way from his nostrils. He was in such a sorry state when I got him ten minutes later I wanted to cry. He might be 13 and looking down on me but he still is my baby and I don’t like him being poorly one bit.

The weekend was dominated by kids parties, the first one one Saturday at auntie’s house. She isn’t really my sister, but my oldest and longest friend in the UK and we have always been very close. I love her to bits and our kids call the other one auntie without batting an eyelid. I had to go to work so she offered to drop them home. That was around 3pm. At 8pm, I got a text from my au pair asking where the boys were. Still at auntie’s busy watching a movie. They eventually showed up just gone 11pm. Little rock stars in the making…..

Sunday brought us a slime party – yes that’s a thing – and both me and the cat are equally unimpressed with the random bits of goo we find in fur or rugs around the house. The son responsible does not take any responsibility for it and blames the cat instead. As if. I am not entirely sure when I can try sneak the stuff out the house – we have five tubs of the stuff and some of them smell surprisingly pleasant – but for now I can hack it off as it’s the one thing in his life he loves. Including me. Or should that be excluding?

A week without nosebleeds! What a success. No really. If you ever had to deal with gushing red floods in the middle of the night or Halloween like school blazers, you will understand my excitement. And the amount of time saved on not having to wash near ruined garments of various descriptions.

I would like to say this has been a bit of an uneventful week but alas it was not. The first half of it by no means, but I happened to spend Thursday near Earl’s Court, trying to follow up on a long dream of mine. The outcome of this is still up in the air and wasn’t helped by only getting into bed past 3am (work, not pleasure I hasten to add), so I was really not performing at my best. But, whatever will be will be and I did give it a bloody good shot.

With the offspring at their dads, I had an absolutely rocking Friday evening – drinking alcohol free Prosecco on the sofa, watching some TWD and eating a lot of things that probably are not very good for me but who cares. I had/have a long list of things that currently needs tending to, but to be perfectly honest, I was not in the mood. Nothing is going up in flames or about to die (I did feed cat and gerbil) so it can wait until next week. Of course I had to work Saturday night again, but I’m getting used to this rhythm now so it’s not actually that bad.

Sunday, going into the big city for lunch day. My lovely Nelly had reserved us a table at one of our favourite haunts, the Coppa Club at Tower Bridge. For a VERY late lunch. We might have hopped into IKEA on the way, for a rather atypical visit – I only bought what I needed. I did not even purchase a single pack of napkins. I have yet do decide if I should be proud or ashamed of this achievement…. I can however absolutely recommend to nip into their coffee bar for some cake. We tried the chocolate & cardamom and the coconut & lime cakes and they were just yummy.

After swinging by the RA to take another look at the PsychoBarn by Cornelia Parker, we discovered that having a late lunch does have its drawbacks. Like there actually no Sunday roast being left. Because it’s late. Of course it was a punishment to eat my burger. And the pecan pie. Which by the way will now forever make me think of Carol and Tyreese & the girls. Google it if you don’t know what I’m on about. Still, I could have had the entire pie, not just a slice. Getting home around 7.30pm, Son C was fed and soon put to bed, and I got some more chill time. Overall, not a bad week at all. Now fingers crossed my new venture materialises.

This week, as every week, had a Thursday. A completely normal day on which us normal people go to work. Unfortunately for us singles, some American florists decided to commercialise a random saint’s day to sell more flowers and now we are faced with all these not so subtle hints that no one will send us any cards this year. Bleurgh. Thank you so much for making me and a large part of the general population feel like second class citizens because we don’t get to join in. Not.

Aaaanyway, the beginning of the week has been as usual – and I still haven’t heard from my little adventure last week which makes me secretly hope it will come to fruition because no news is good news, right? Wednesday I did my usual night shift and to my utter dismay my shoulder started kicking off again. By the end of my shift, I wanted to go up the walls.

Thursday, yuk day (yes my aversion might have something to do with spending it with a certain cowboy previously – how the hell he pulled that off I still can’t get my head round). Thankfully, I have my honorary sis who lives close by, so we decided to get ourselves the best breakfast ever. Fluffy pancakes with banana, pecans and caramel sauce. Who needs flowers when you can have that?

My shoulder was – and still is – giving me a lot of grief so we ended up having a snooze on the sofa before heading off to collect our respective children. Only to reunite about an hour later for fish & chips and a movie. I have some to the conclusion that if all else fails, I am going to propose to her. After all this time, I’m sure there won’t be any surprises.

Friday brought a bit of work (because it has to be done), a bit of pampering (I just love Monica for always coming up with something pretty for my nails) and an evening of fizz (still the non-boozy kind), a duvet and a little Sherlock binge. Blissedy bliss bliss. Saturday, work day. Easter is coming and we are all expected to eat our body weight in chocolate.

Sunday. Chill day for the whole family. I should have probably been a little more engaged in all the household chores that have been patiently waiting throughout the week considering I’m planning to take off over the half term with my bambinos but no holiday would be complete with a little high pressure last minute packing when the cab to the airport is already waiting. I did however manage to produce a cottage pie. Only it was goulasch covered in gratin potatoes, so kind of an Euro cottage pie. And I have you know it was rather delicious.

Oh the horror that is….. Half-term week!!!! Normally I approach school holidays with a mixture of dread, anxiety and excitement and as much as I love my little tribe, they can talk non-stop, 24 hours a day, all at the same time. They even talk in their sleep occasionally. No joke. This can be a little challenging at times. But this week promised to be exciting as it brought a long over due visit to my home country of Germany. The outskirts of the Black Forest, close to the French border to be precise. In my opinion one of the most beautiful parts in all of Europe but then I am very biased so don’t take my word for it. Go visit instead!

Now, I’m still a bit of a nervous flyer but I’m slowly getting the hang of it and I am pleased to let you know that this time we did not hold up the security queues at Stansted by leaving all electronics in our hand luggage but actually went through the whole thing quite smoothly. Well apart from me yet again getting put in the scanner, much to the amusement of my offspring. At least this time they refrained from asking if I was getting arrested. The flight was smooth and swift and we landed it beautiful sunshine and temperatures well into the double figures.

The older I get, the more I see this part of the world as home again, after so desperately wanting to get away from it in my 20s. I think I just have to accept that I will forever suffer from Fernweh and ‘home’ will never be just one place for me. My mum is really struggling with her knees and will need a couple of operations throughout this year – I hate the fact my parents are aging and I know we are now at the tipping point where instead of them looking after me, I will have to look after them. I’m not sure I’m ready for that just yet…..

We didn’t argue at all this time though and if you remember anything about my mum and myself, you know that this is absolutely unheard of; nonetheless I promise it is the truth. We managed a rather harmonious visit with trips to the zoo and the natural history museum, as well as eating the biggest pizza I have ever seen in my life. I still do not know how Son A and Son B managed the whole thing as if it was a snack – I have a healthy appetite and I struggled with a mere half! I also had the pleasure of catching up with a couple of old friends on my own, who I have known for 20 and nearly 30 years respectively, something that puts into stark perspective not only how long I have been calling London home but also just how old I am. Thursday had us flying home again, but my next visit is already scheduled for the end of March.

I would love to report copious amounts of productive activity for the next few days but I am not sorry to disappoint you with that. Two more days of blissful just enjoying ourselves, with visits from friends, cake in the middle of the night and family sofa sessions, only interrupted by me having to nip into work for a couple of evenings. I could do with a few more weeks like this. And more sun. A little bit of sunshine just makes all the difference it seems…..

Much love marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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