Southbank Sunsets

2019/06/13 – Kat, London

Even though I am no longer involved with this boy I wanted to write about our first date anyway because it’s one of the few dates I had that went well.

We met at Waterloo station. At first I thought he was a catfish because he said he was outside M&S and the only person I could see was a middle-aged bloke with a beer belly (dad bod would be too kind). Turns out Waterloo station has two M&S, so crisis averted. We walked to the Southbank and chatted and had drinks before lunch. Then we chatted and drunk some more. We got on so well and the conversation as well as the alcohol just flowed.

In the evening, we stood on the millennium bridge and watched the sunset. It was a really promising first date and we did go on to have a few more. I could not fault him at all, He was a real gent. At least until he messaged to say I was a nice girl but he did not see this going any further. A BS excuse a large part of the male population like to use it seems, and to add insult to injury he texted me while I was at a friend’s wedding.

Obviously I was disappointed and quite surprised as the day before we had arranged our next date and planned a trip away together when he called it quits but thinking about it now I’m not sure it would have worked and there are plenty more fish in the sea.

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