A Wedding Encounter

2019/07/03 – Elizabeth, London

‘Have you ever watched Four weddings and a funeral?’ was my Dad’s question when I rang him after yet another’you really are a lovely girl but I’m sorry I don’t see this going anywhere’ message after a date. I hadn’t – and for those of you who haven’t either it is all about people meeting at weddings.

Well, the next day I had a wedding to attend and it did not quite go like the film. Our mutual friends had said that we would get on because we both liked a drink so I thought at least I’ll be able to get drunk and forget about the previous boy. The wedding was beautiful: The bride looked stunning and it was so lovely to see everyone, some of which I had not seen since I’d left university.

The wedding finished at 11pm – quite early I thought – so after a little bit of persuasion (not huge amounts are needed when alcohol and going out are involved I might add) I found myself in town with the boy I’d met just hours before. He was lovely and we chatted until the bar closed. We left the bar and he was such a gent. While walking to the taxi, he gave me his jacket because I was cold. And then he came in the taxi with me to make sure I got to my friend’s flat ok.

If this has shown me anything, it is that chivalry isn’t as dead as others seem to prove sometimes and that sometimes, just sometimes, Dad is right.

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