July 2020

First week of the month, first week of the second half of the let down year of the decade. Theoretically there is hope with the lockdown gradually coming to an end and life slowly firing up again, we might be going somewhere. Not so much hope however are giving me those pictures of people camping in front of pubs and the high streets rammed on Saturday night. Does make me wonder about people’s priorities in life but I guess it’s each to their own.

I also learnt a couple of things this week and they have been surprisingly positive. The first revelation I had was in the kitchen and is quickly told – baking with coconut flour is not a skill I have mastered yet, much to my disappointment. But at least I have a new challenge at my hands so that should keep me out of mischief for a while. I shall continue to keep you updated on my progress and once I have produced something edible and more importantly presentable, I will post about it.

The second thing glad I have taken from this week is that you should still have the heart to take a small risk here and there, even if you believe you know the outcome already anyway and it won’t be worth your while. Because you might just be pleasantly surprised that your preconception has been completely wrong. I deepened my interaction with two people this week and I am really glad to have done so.

The first one was a message I send to a fellow Instagram girl who I have been following since my beginnings on there and I really  admire for her coolness and great posts. We have been commenting a lot on each other’s posts recently and I have to credit her for inspiring me to start my blog again. She is also a Londoner so I plucked up the courage to message her and suggest a meet up for a joint photo adventure. Fast forward to the end of the week and we are chatting on a daily basis. We seem to have a lot in common and she is such an interesting person to talk to  – apart from being super clever and gorgeous. I am really looking forward to that real life meet in the city.

The second was a phone call I made late last night. I have been talking to someone for a while now and he seemed equally interesting and interested enough for us to swap numbers. While we were texting late that evening he asked me to call him if I felt like continuing the conversation that way. I’m admittedly quite a chicken when it comes to things like that, so I did take my time, but in the end, I made the call. And I have to hold my hands up here it was a really good conversation. We talked for a couple of hours about silly things, serious things and just random stuff. He did make me laugh quite a few times. Let’s see how this one plays out in the future.

I guess it’s worth forgetting sometimes that you had some lessons in the past you could have done without. That others don’t necessarily behave like their peers even if you think that is the best assumption to make to avoid being disappointed. This week, I am definitely glad I ignored my previous lessons. This week has been a good week. Maybe the second half of this year won’t be such a let down after all.

As you will have noticed by now I am not writing a weekly account of my shenanigans anymore, partly because I don’t want to see it as a chore having to sit in from of the screen every Sunday but to a large degree also because there is simply not happening that much worth writing about. I’m sure you can do without a rundown of my daily meals.

One of the biggest changes in the last couple of weeks has been the introduction of masks being worn in stores. I know a lot of people don’t like doing so and I think the visual impact can be quite scary for some. I admit I’m not a fan either. But I do it anyway. You know social solidarity and stuff. Depending on what I have to do however it does feel like I’m training to climb Mt Everest or such like.

What does rub my back up considerably by now are people like my neighbour. He is am angry little ogre who uses foul language and tries to even out his considerable issues by picking on others. His favourite thing is nearly breaking my door down to complain about my son playing in the garden with the children from next door. Now if he would bother being up to date with current rules, social bubbles are allowed. Especially for single parents. Also, children can get a bit noisy when they play. Such is life. Unless it is after 8pm, suck it up. Now, I do not mind someone ringing my doorbell asking me if my kid and his friends could be a little quieter. What pisses me off is that he is not only incapable of using my doorbell, he also does not want to knock on the other parents door. Which is right next to mine. Why? Because he rather shouts at a single mum than a bloke who is nearly two heads taller than him. Add to that him shouting at the children to shut the f*** up and I am not a happy bunny. It’s high time he goes back to work. Because the parents of the noisy kids impeding on his four months and counting paid holiday have been at work throughout the pandemic and paid his furlough with our taxes. So yes, you can deal with our kids playing together. Rant over.

Unfortunately I have to admit that there is not much else happening – I actually cannot believe that arguing with my neighbour seems to have been the highlight of the last couple of weeks; what on earth is happening to me?! Ah yes…. There is a global pandemic going on binding us to our homes. I still go running, although I let that slip a bit in the last couple of weeks because it has just been so hot I did not feel like it. The phone calls have ceased for now, but that is not a bad thing. Maybe there will be more to tell over the next few weeks about that but wait and see in regards to that. The children are now officially having summer holidays but after four months of lockdown, it really makes no difference to before. Life goes on, not like before but in our new normality and somehow we are more or less used to things by now.

Much love, marvellous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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