September 2020

I hate to tell you this but we have now officially entered into the pre Christmas season. I think it is safe to say Halloween will not really exist this year so in attempt to cheer us all up, our commercial leaders have decided to skip Mr. Skeleton and move straight on to Mrs Santa. And I am now holding my hands up to the fact that I have already purchased numerous different Christmas chocolates and ate them with great delight – for simple research purposes only of course.

After coming back to London a few weeks ago I have to admit life has been plodding along quietly. The only really exciting thing to happen was the boys finally going back into school, but even that went a lot less eventful than you would have imagined. I have to give a massive shout out to their schools, they are making such a great effort to adjust to the new normal, but even more so to especially the younger kids who take it all in their stride and just get on with it. They seem to adjust so much better than a lot of grown-ups do and I am secretly so impressed with my offspring for their approach to these circumstances.

The one thing I cannot shake however is just how much I do miss home and finally being able to go again has only confirmed that it is where I belong. So now I am working on the task of making that happen which after 16 years in a different country is not that easy. It is not a case of packing your bags and leaving anymore, I need to plan ahead, which has never been one of my stronger qualities but somehow I am going to sort it out. It is funny how your priorities change when you get older and I am absolutely sure that the whole Corona thing has given me a very decisive push in this direction.

First things first, I am really forcing myself to sort out all the rubbish in my place – of course that should read all the wonderful things I collected in my life so far. However in the greater scheme of things, it is interesting to realise just how little you all of a sudden deem important enough to drag to another country with you. The most frightening experience I had so far was the amount of stuff accumulated in the loft, guarded by vicious giant spiders (I might be biased here) that has come down bit by bit over the last few weeks. I have so far not managed to look into every single box that has emerged from the depths but I am getting round to it. I guess most of it will be destined for the recycling or the rubbish but I better check. I am definitely not the most organised or fastest with these things, so you will be reading ab out project ‘boxes from the deep’ for quite some time.

One thing that has been annoying me the last few days and I have no patience for anymore are people not wearing masks going shopping. It has become really noticeable and considering that we are one step away from another lockdown, it angers me beyond belief. There are many who work with masks, having to wear them for hours, so to not put them on for a 20 minute shop is not only disrespectful, you put others at risk. And I don’t want to hear any bullshit excuses, things are as they are, just suck it up and get on with it. It’s time to be a little less selfish and think about community for a bit. It’s not going to hurt you, that’s for sure.

Much love, marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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