November 2020

Like super Ninjas, myself and the small person have dodged all quarantine requirements and returned home just in time. For school to be precise because our wonderful airline of choice had been moving our return flight back and forth so many times it was like watching a tennis match. Praise be, they settled for a mucho early flight Monday morning (even bigger praise to my dad who drove us to the airport at stupid o’clock). So early in fact, kiddo was in time for school. Every so often, things just work out.

Not sure the same can be said for this month in general, given the fact that oh yes, we are having another four-week lockdown to maybe give us some sort of Christmas holiday. Of course it can’t really be a drastic as back in March – someone will have to pay for this somehow, sometime after all so it kind of boils down to earn money, spend money but do not dare do anything that could be seen as fun or might help improve your mental state in any way, shape of form.

To be fair, there is not much change to what I have done for the rest of the year. Go to work. Stay at home. Have outbursts of fitness motivation or let’s sort through this cupboard I haven’t looked at for years. Surprisingly, there still are some left of those. I obviously do not suffer from these moments too often….. The only thing I am keen of getting done this year is give the Christmas bags a good sort out and actually have a tree up and decorated before the month of December. Given that there it not much else to do, surely this is not too much of a challenge.

I am quite grateful that we still are allowed our support bubble otherwise we would probably go a little mad but we don’t see them as often as we would like. Both of us being key workers we are fully aware that we are also at a high risk catching the bloody virus. I am still not too concerned about getting it myself but I would feel terrible if I gave it to someone I care about. Still, I am getting so tired of not being able to move around as free as I am used to. Think about popping over for a coffee after the school run or go for a quick browse around the shops suddenly requires not only preparation but even more so you think carefully about how necessary it is.

There is not much more to write about this month. The tree actually is up in time and I find the twinkly lights a strangely comforting bit of normality in a year that has been anything but. I am hoping to be able to spend the actual Christmas period at home – without he kids but with my parents and I can’t even begin to tell you just how much I am looking forward to that. I hope you are keeping well my friends.

Much love, marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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