December 2020

I shall only be giving you a rather quick run down of this month – it’s not like there has been a significant change to the last nine months of the year after all. Despite all the complete shite that is going on, work is still very busy this time of year and the promise of being able to finally get a break from all of it and being able to spend Christmas with family and maybe even some friends has given everyone an undeniable lift. Although I am not going to lie, it does worry me occasionally how much booze people buy right now.

Liquid breakfast, lunch and dinner seems to be trend these days but then each to their own. At least it is unlikely they will drink and drive. I don’t have to tell you how much I was looking forward to the holidays – not having the kids meant I got a quick break on my own so I would have been able to go and see my parents. I have only been home three times this year and I desperately miss them so it would have been amazing. I have always stuck to the rules so far, but now I was turning into a little compulsive obsessive, I just wanted to absolutely make sure that I would not bring my mum and dad a very unwelcome Christmas gift. But, as we all know by now, things took a bit of a turn halfway through the month.

But before we talk about super mutant Ninja Corona, let us stick to a teeny, tiny little highlight first – one of the loveliest people on earth happens to have her birthday a week before Christmas and as a treat, we went for afternoon tea at one of my favourite places in Cambridge, the Parker’s Tavern. We didn’t have the pleasure of sitting in the library this time (I went there with my parents the year before and the nerd in me was blissfully happy to be surrounded by books while scoffing cake and sipping some fizz), but it was just as fantastic. Before you all call me a hypocrite for leaving my house to do something that even remotely has a ring of fun to it; we wore our masks from the moment we stepped out of the car – bar when sitting at our table – even when we were walking around a fairly busy city centre. It was a wonderful little breather but as everyone knows by now things went downhill super fast and pretty bad from here.

So, now we have a mutant strain of Corona in the UK and pretty much no one can get in or out. No second guesses that I, like so many others, did not get to go home after all but instead spend my Christmas days on the sofa and eating everything calorific and delicious I could lay my hands on and watching an array of absolutely not Christmassy movies while doing so. And I do admit, when the first reports hit the news I was very reluctant to admit defeat and was considering going home anyway; but as things developed over the following hours, it became rather clear that I could not with a clear conscience be my usual stubborn self. Of course my decision was followed by a complete halt to travels anyway, but it didn’t matter to me at that point.

So my days off were quiet, relaxing and as much as it was not how I wanted them to be, I was actually not too unhappy about it. There is something comforting in knowing that you can be utterly happy and content in your own company. Plus cat of course. The fur ball helps immensely. And my definite highlight of Christmas Eve was having dinner with my parents after all – via Whatsapp video call. A different experience, no question. But still good for the soul. And the nicest thing afterwards was my mum texting afterwards telling me how beautiful I looked. Very Happy Me.

This year has been quite something. I truly hope at some point next year we will get back to some form of normality again. I am proud of myself for how I managed this year, but more so of the boys for taking it in their stride and just getting on with it. I miss my friends and my family and I think not being able to do as freely as I used to please I will appreciate things more as and when opportunities will return to us. I don’t really have any resolutions for 2021 – I would just like to be carefully optimistic that life will be brighter again for all of us.

Be happy. Be kind. Be you.

Much love, marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC

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