January 2021 I

Greetings to you my wonderful people and a Happy New Year! I know, it doesn’t look like much at the moment but I am determined to try and look on the bright side of things. So, eventually, even this year will be good. We humans are incredibly adaptable beings after all. But I am not going to lie – this new lockdown completely and entirely sucketh and although I am not one to loose her cool that easily, these new strains popping up all over the place do make me worried.

So I don’t get how people can still be so ignorant and selfish floating the rules and think it is all a big joke. One of my best friends is working for the London emergency services and in the 15 years I have knows her she has never been this stressed, drained and downright deflated by her job. And that is the kind of shit that really worries me and disrupts my sleep at night. I’m not scared I get ill, well kind off, but I still think I am fit and healthy enough to get over it, but I am worried I pass it on to someone who will not be so lucky. I do rock up to the show that is work every day and get on with it – although getting up at 2.30am is not really my idea of fun. We are all a little stressed and snappy and in need of Red Bull and oodles of chocolate but I can honestly say I am working with some of the most awesome people on this planet. So show some appreciation for your local retail workers my friends, they bloody deserve it!

As you might have been able to guess,I am not sending the boys into school for now. I just think it is safest for them and everyone else they might be in school with and myself of course. Homeschooling has become quite a job in itself as well – online classes, zoom meetings, teams meetings, I need reminders left, right and centre to keep track of all of it, so I am holding my hands up now and will admit I am not doing the greatest job with it but I promise you I am doing my best. If I have learned one thing though it would be that I am definitely nit made to be a teacher. My patience is not the most abundant and these are the fruits of my own loins we are talking about. I dread to think how I would fare with others…..

So apart that working and pretenting to be a teacher, I have decided I need to learn a new skill and my choice has fallen on – drumroll please – knitting. An odd choice you might think but I like doing things with my hands and it being cold and miserable outside, it seems like a good choice. Plus I have the armchair, fireplace and cat to go with it so I would look the part too. Unfortunately, it is not going well. Being left-handed seems to be quite an obstacle to my endevour although it has a high entertainment value for my youngest you very ungraciously tells me I am training for my days as granny. Thank you so much. I will keep you updated on my successes – or lack of – on the needle front.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

Much love, marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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