January 2021 II

Well, who would have thought that since my last post, I finally joined this club I had been most anxious to avoid – the Covid positive ones. I had a really nasty sore throat for a couple of days but didn’t think too much of it – I was pretty drilled into cough, temperature, loss of taste and smell. I went for a run on the Monday morning and I found it quite hard, more difficult to get air, and I was nearly a minute slower than my usual performance which was a total bummer. Tuesday morning , being ever dutiful, I went into work still feeling like a pile of poop – and suddenly not being able to breathe properly while wearing my mask, I decided it was time to go for a test, even though I was absolutely convinced nothing would come of it – I just wanted to be on the safe side. So I made myself gag and teary scraping out my nose and throat and went home to cure my sore throat. Woke up the next morning to a ‘Congratulations!! You won an exclusive stay at a five star resort of our choosing (that would be your home in case you were wondering) for the next ten days because guess what, your test result is positive’.

I do not want to bore you too much with symptoms and blah, but let me just tell you it is not like having a cold, not one bit. After the nasty sore throat eased ever so slightly, I was struggling to breathe for a couple of days and found a pulse oximeter really reassuring in that time. Then I got a little break, tricking me into thinking I was getting better and it wasn’t that bad after all but actually that was just the calm before the storm. Then the cough started, the muscle aches and pains and the sore throat came back and overall I just wanted to die a little bit. At one point I couldn’t move my neck anymore because my upper body was so stiff with pain and I was wondering if I actually had meningitis – but no, it was ‘just’ Covid. It took another four days before I finally felt like a human being again.

I think I bored you sufficiently now with all my ailments over the past ten days so I want to tell you now about just how amazing my friends, family and colleagues have been in all this. Not only did I wake up messages every day checking up on us, wishing us well or just offering a bit of a chat against the boredom, but I can’t even begin to tell you how many offers of help I got on a daily basis. My colleagues were dropping food to our door, my neighbour would ring or text me from the shops if I need anything (bread seems to be inhaled rather than eaten in our household), my best friend ordered me oxygen because she was so worried about me breathing properly and another friend sending me some beautiful flowers because she thought ‘I deserved only the best’. I can honestly say I am feeling very loved and looked after. Of course it does absolutely suck to be stuck inside as you are not even allowed outside for a walk – there is no way I can contemplate a run anytime soon; especially on the rare occasions when there is snow falling outside. But I know it is for a good reason and I really would not want anyone else to get this shit.

I can without a shred of doubt tell you I am now less sympathetic than ever before towards all those who are being total d***s and think it’s cool to bend rules and do what they want because they feel infringed in their human rights. Funnily enough, I feel that every time someone doesn’t wear a mask and breathes their fumes in my direction. Or touches things with their grubby definitely not sanatised hands. I know it’s hard, I know its not fun but that still doesn’t give you the right to blatently disregard the safety of others. We cannot know how someone else deals with the virus. It is unpredictable. That’s what makes it so dangerous. Can you really be so selfish to think you are more important than others?

I have no idea if we are doing the right things or not and believe me I am struggling to not be able to see friends, take the boys for some food or hop on a plane and go home or for a little trip. But I suck it up. I’m sure so can you.

Much love, marvelous people. Stay safe. Stay sane. Candidly yours, TC.


  1. Sandi

    Sorry to read that you were sick. I always laugh when people told me, “oh, your son “just” ended up having Whooping cough. At least it wasn’t COVID…” yes, so lucky…two 911 calls, once with paramedics in the middle of the night at our house, an emergency room visit, antibiotic with 6-8 month recovery time monitored daily for the first month by a county nurse for those asthmatics that end up in emergency.


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