The One With Superman

Even though this was just before the very first lockdown, I still remember and even more so feel the need to write about this guy. Of course this is the same Superman as previously mentioned so you can guess how it ended overall, but there were some merits to our first hook up, so I won’t deprive you of it.

As so often, we crossed paths due to some right swiping from both sides, even though it would take a while for us to eventually meet up, with me being in London and him being in good, old Germany. We must have talked for well over a month before we finally had a chance to meet live, which in itself is already a little achievement.

In the run up to our date, I was suffering from some pretty horrid panic attacks again, and there were a couple of nights when he, despite working and us not really knowing each other, was trying to give me some support and calm me down and surprisingly succeeded to a degree. I thought this was a really sweet thing to do, so when we started discussing the details of our first date, it became pretty obvious that we were both quite happy with a takeaway pizza at his place. Him as a guy of course, but I felt safe enough about him to not see any issue with that either.

He picked me up after a little solo shopping trip of mine and I think it is safe to say that we both really had the immediate hots for each other. Funnily enough while I strolled to our rendezvous point, some other dude was hitting on me, but as I was already engaged otherwise and he was speaking Russian no dangers on that front. Superman had to give me a call to actually find me and I’m not going to lie I was a little surprised he talked noticeably with the region’s dialect – somehow, I was expecting him to come out with superior high German. Slight distraction, but not for too long.

It took a little to get to his, so we ordered our pizzas on the way. Seafood for me of course. We picked it up en route and when we got to his, I got a very abbreviated grand tour of his place. His wardrobe took up more space than mine. Interesting of course but I was starving. Being the absolute lady I am, I rather inelegantly managed to drop a massive piece of juicy tomato on my trousers. I was way too hungry that it would have bothered me but he immediately got up, took a cloth and cleaned me up. Again, really sweet. My heart was melting a little bit. But not too much, because as mentioned before, he was also really fit. I probably should add that we did have quite a lot of conversations before we even met up, so when we started to get it on pretty much right after finishing dinner, it was not a big deal. Turned out Superman was not only a sweet guy but did have a bit of a very naughty side as well….

The evening was still young afterwards though, so we ended up watching a movie on the sofa together. We had already decided that I was not going home until the morning anyway, so we could have some drinks to go with it. I curled up between his legs with my head on his upper thigh – strange you say, but bloody comfy let me tell you. I did get an occasional stroke of my head which would cause me to look up even though it was quite a task for my neck to bend that way. If I was a cat, I would have probably purred by now.

I have to say, I have never met anyone who has such a neatly arranged bathroom cabinet. Even all the labels faced forward. I do admit now to the very childish but satisfying act of turning a few things in there back to front when I brushed my teeth. The little things and all that you know. Of course we had some more sex, but what I remember even more are the cuddles I got afterwards. I pretty much got cuddled all night, and when I happened to free myself from his grip, I was pulled in again. Not that I minded in any way, quite the opposite. We got up very, very late the next morning, nearly at lunchtime to be precise. I didn’t want to trouble him too much and had planned to make my way home by myself but he insisted to take me back himself to which of course I didn’t say no.

As it stands, Superman was not so super after all. Maybe I better go for Clark Kent next time…..

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