March 2021 I

The last two weeks have flown by and I am not entirely sure with what exactly. Productivity has not been a strength of mine recently. Nonetheless, life has not been actually dull as such especially as we had a very big celebration indeed last Wednesday. My little person is now officially in double figures age wise. Ten years old precise. Which in turn makes me feel very old indeed. I Had to give him extra brownie points for super rational approach to his presents – he asked me for a budget and then sat quietly for a couple of hours bend over his kindle concentrating like a hawk. After all this considera- and evaluation he presented me with a list of items he desired to be wrapped in cheerful coloured paper for him to be ripped to shreds. I did oblige of course but I added some bits he didn’t know about – there had to be at least a couple of surprises. He has been really creative as of late, so I went beyond the kiddy crayons and colouring pens this time and bought him some artist pads, chalks and graphite pens. His ueber happy little face when he opened them was heart melting.

We filled the lounge with dozens of balloons and made a massive birthday cake he helped me decorate – chocolate over chocolate is the key to boy’s heart. The cat got a little over exited chasing and catching the balloons, then running around like a lunatic after scaring himself bursting them. It did put a little downer on things that we couldn’t mark this milestone with a real party but just like the entire rest of the year my not so little man took it in his stride – a couple of Zoom meetings with his friends and Oma and Opa made him really happy. The weather was not too great but despite the drizzle we had a little trip to the park with the birthday cake in the afternoon and ‘accidentally’ bumped into a couple more of his friends.

I have already told you that I booked a flight home and since then it has already been cancelled and rebooked – I cannot tell you how bored I am getting of all this. I am now travelling with bunch of papers – doctor’s certificates, blood test results, declarations of purpose of travelling and I might throw in my proof of residence as well, just to be on the safe side. Not to mention tests and other delights. I am a little confused as to why the UK is still a virus variant country though – considering the latest figures in Germany show the variant is now accounting for half of all new infections. But a lot can change in three weeks so we will see how this one plans out.

My health is finally improving as well, my last chest x-ray came back clear although my blood test is still showing some abnormalities so I have to repeat if again soon. My arm is rather bruised from all this I have to say. I am still not in a condition to attempt a run again and with the current bout of cold I am using my inhaler a lot but overall, I am feeling much better and I cannot even begin to tell you how relieved I am about that. Still, I have some way to go so I am going to try and be as patient as I can. Not my strong point at all.

Take care of yourselves my marvelous people. Stay safe, stay sane. Much love, TC.

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