First Date Scrooges

Going on a date is a very nice thing indeed. And we all know, moving on from dating app to swapping numbers to finding a date and location that works for both of you and then actually really meeting up (in person!!), is a little bit like winning the lottery. Or falling into a snake pit. The odds are similar and both quite possible outcomes. Not to mention yhe agonising decision process it takes to find the right balance of having made an effort but not looking too desperate.

In this day and age of course we are all independent women and we don’t need a man in our life, we choose to have them in it. We pay for our own shit, we split the bills and we have our opinions and should be respected for doing so. We are in every way, a man’s equal. And so it should be. Well, 99.9999999999% of the time. However, there is one exception in my opinion.

When we go out with a guy on this first date, I really think it’s his job to pay. Why you ask? Because that’s how it should be. Dinner is on him. Nine times out of ten, he will have asked you out and with that he gets to choose the place where you meet, so in my opinion this one is on him. We make sure we look the part, he provides us with edible material and lubrication. Of the drinking kind, no more (just yet). Don’t get me wrong, if you get on and move to somewhere else afterwards please buy the guy a drink or two or three. Unless he is absolutely insistent you should not do so then don’t embarrass yourself and him for that matter arguing your point and just enjoy the treat. He is obviously trying to be nice. Don’t take the piss though or repeat my little party trick of throwing up over the poor man. Not a good move, I promise you.

I once went on a date with this guy and we met quite late, so dinner was not on the menu. Now bearing in mind I didn’t drink at the time he only had to buy me a Coke which he obligingly did at the first bar we went to. But then at the next place, he expected me to pay. And I’m sorry to say this really put me off. He then proceeded to add an order of numerous snacks to my bill and I hereby confess I went into absolute bitch mode and just paid for the drinks. Narrow minded you might think but I really didn’t appreciate the attitude. Needless to say the date ran into a wall very quickly after that, especially when he so blatantly tried to get a quick lay out of this, it left me shaking my head.

So whilst I think dinner on him is a must for a first date, if your relationship develops and you become a thing, it then goes without saying it becomes a give and take. It shows you’re comfortable with each other. And can be honest about yourself because everyone has moments in life when things can get a bit tight and it takes guts to admit that. A bit like not putting make up on anymore before he wakes up. Which, for you guys out there, no woman has done, ever. Preposterous idea…..

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