March 2021 II

Spring has sprung – slowly but surely – over the last couple of weeks and with that the overall mood seems to have improved tremendously apart from some unfortunate exceptions. Add to that that lockdown is finally set to ease as of Monday (I will believe it when I see it), one could say there is good news all around. Well sort of. The rest of Europe is now getting blessed with B1.1.17 otherwise known at the Kent mutation or the English virus variant and their infection rates are rising steadily while people are less and less willing to follow any restrictions after a year of imprisonment – which is reason enough to not go through with my travel plans. Completely aside from possible 5000 pound fines and a gazillion tests you have to do now. About the latter, I harbour quite some resentment as I cannot help but wonder just how much people – be it companies or governments – are cashing in on that. By all means, the tests are necessary but not for anyone to profit from. All this means I have to wait another couple of months until I can go home again, bringing the grand total of absence to eight months solid. Not so good news for me. But not much I can do about it so best not to dwell on it too much.

Instead, I am addressing the obligatory spring clean – albeit very sporadically and not particularly focused, so it might become a late spring/early summer clean by the time I’m done. There are more important things after all. Still, it does amaze me how we accumulate large amounts of rubbish on a regular basis. The smallest person is the worst culprit by far, I don’t even know where he gets some of the things from I find in his room…..

Mother’s Day has been around too, and being brutally honest, the older I get the less bothered I am by it. Yes my boys get me a couple of cards and some chocolate and they write some really sweet messages too but really, they are generally lovely all year round, affectionate and just pretty amazing little humans. So I don’t necessarily feel the need to have a day where they have to make an extra effort and get me some overpriced flowers. Emptying the dishwasher all year without protest is all I really need in my life..

What is making me happy beyond belief right now is that I am running again. Not quite as fast or far as before but given my long enforced respite from my favourite sporty thing, I am doing really well and I am quite proud of the discipline I am showing. And a little surprised if I am honest. I just know myself too well. This is only the second week I am getting out there every other day so fingers crossed I don’t fall of the waggon again soon, but I just love it. Granted, I still get sore muscles easily but it’s a good feeling. There is no way I will do a half-marathon by my birthday in May but a comfortable 10k should not be too far fetched. And I am fully planning to have a birthday run along the river at my parents place.

Take care of yourselves my marvelous people. Stay sane, stay safe and most importantly, be happy. Much love, TC.

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