April 2021

I never quite know if it’s a good or a bad thing when I don’t get round to updating you all for a few weeks on the happenings in my life but I would like to think it is more because I am rather busy filling it with happy memories and good times than moping listless in corners waiting for the monotonous days to end.

Easter has come and gone and with it another non visit to my home country thanks to the extortionate fees attached to all the tests required getting on and off planes as well as exiting and entering countries, cancelled flights and a general ‘let’s make it as awkward as possible for anyone for whatever reason’ vibe everywhere. I cannot even begin to tell you how deeply disappointed I am in every single government to put this extra strain on anyone living – and more often than not also working – in a different country. Yes we should stay safe and yes there have to be tests, but anyone returning to the nation that issued their bloody passport should get the benefit of the doubt that they are not going to have a fucking beach holiday and not be forced to pay a hefty chunk of money for tests that are available for far less. Add to that our passports getting scanned at the border anyway so it is quite clear to see how frequently someone travels. I am not one to get bothered by things easily but I don’t feel this is being handled the right way, especially given how long Covid has been around now and it just leaves a bitter taste in my opinion. And I know I am not the only one who feels like that.

But at least I now have the May half term to look forward to with my little guy and come what may (pardon the pun) we will be on that plane. Not Ryanair, mind you, I cannot count anymore how often they have cancelled our flights now and I am refusing to use any more vouchers or rebook any more flights, but we shall now travel in style with BA from London City. Which fills me with unmeasurable excitement as we will be taking off over London, how awesome is that? Yes, stuff like that makes me happy. Although I might fail miserably trying to navigate all the bloody rules, tests and what not else for this little trip. I might already be so hyped for this trip, our bags are already packed. Maybe. Possibly. Nothing wrong with being prepared is there?

After it has been haling, snowing and what not else, at least the weather seems to want to settle on some level of spring/summer like temperatures which is a huge boost for mood and morale. The little guy is off to the playground after school pretty much every day and now has his own phone to call me on his outings. It’s a super old, not very fashionable thing but he is chuffed to bits with it and diligently checks in even when he has not even been asked to do so. I also now have a very random collection of cat pictures he has send me on numerous occasions.

Other things to report are that we started taking the kitty for walks outside so he gets used to the outdoors. His reaction is rather underwhelming. He hates cars and his favourite thing is lying on the warm tarmac and load up on sun and warmth. Not quite what we had in mind but hey, small steps right?

And last but not least, I managed to run nearly 150k this month, including one solid 1 hour and 50 minute run, logging 18.5k. Damn, I am so pleased with myself for this, considering the wheezing wreck I still was beginning of March. And my favourite jeans are very nearly fitting as smooth a glove again. I also had my first jab. Not going to lie, the first 24 hours afterwards were a very unpleasant speed rerun of the actual thing. But nonetheless, I’m glad I had it. And to all those who don’t want it for whatever reasons – you are welcome. I have done my bit so you and your loved ones are less likely to catch the virus from me. My pleasure. No need to thank me.

Look after yourselves and be happy, marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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