The One With The Vegetarian

This was one of the rather meh kind of dates, not least down to the fact the guy was a vegetarian. Now before you are all up in arms and get upset with me, I really have nothing against people being vegetarian – one of my best friends is a gluten-free vegan (yeah I know that’s a double whammie) and I go to great length to make sure she is properly fed and watered when she is at my house.

I just don’t think it’s a good idea for me as a total carnivore to date a vegetarian because I just love a piece of meat. A lot. Sometimes with two veg as well. So anyway, I was chatting to veggie guy for a couple of weeks or so and he was nice enough and asked me out so I thought let’s give it a go. The first obstacle was finding a place where I want to eat that also caters for a non-meat eater in a decent way. Not that easy. But we did it. We met up in some Mexican place I go to sometimes with my vegan friend so I knew it would be okay.

On first impression, he was nice albeit a little slow. When you text someone you get time to think before you reply or it might take time anyway before you get something back so it’s not that obvious, but when you are in a face to face conversation, it becomes a bit more of a problem if you expect wit and a stimulating exchange of words. Still, not too bad just yet. It got a bit awkward when it came to ordering dinner though because I really, really wanted a medium rare steak. After he just explained to me he doesn’t like to eat meat because animals are so cute. I really am horrible sometimes. So I went with chicken. That’s about the least meat like meat I can cope with. Now, the guy tried, but I did get quite a few guilt inducing glances over the table. Think of that poor chicken how it could still happily roam the fields if you hadn’t ordered it. Ugh, not the most enjoyable meal I ever had. The conversation dragged a little, too.  But because we both had driven there, there was no chance of heightening the mood a little by mild to medium intoxication.

I think we both knew it wasn’t going to be one of those first dates that call for a second one so after dinner he walked me to my car. We did have a bit of a snog, which wasn’t too bad but still not redeeming enough for the chicken guilt trip or warranting a second date. We exchanged a few messages in the days that followed but then veggie guy faded into the shadows. I would lie if I said I was particularly bothered by this but at least it got me out of the house.

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