May 2021

I realise I have not been particularly great updating this blog in the last weeks (months really) but there have been good reasons for it and I promise from now on I will be a good girl and put my mind to it diligently.

I am of course bursting to tell you what has been going on, but I will proceed in an orderly fashion.

The lockdown is kind of dissolving and by now I have lost track of what you are allowed to do when and where and how – the basics for me still apply as far as I know. I go to work, the boys go to school, wear the mask, keep your distance. Nothing new there. After I had my first jab at the end of April – I would have taken a shot of bleach if it would be proven to work – I was admittedly feeling pretty rough for a few days. But then it has only been three months since I had the real thing so I guess my body is still in absolute fighting mode.

The one day this month I cannot wait for is May 17th, when we can finally, legally, officially, travel again. Sort of at least. Me and the little one will be going to the motherland for the half term, although it has to be planned with military precision and a lot of cash too – the tests you have to provide for the UK side are numerous and are also eating into the travel budget big time. But bottom line, we can go, so we are taking the swirling of the brain – seriously, some of these official people to do the test are prepping you for mummification rather than travelling.

This will also be my first birthday that I am celebrating at home in eight or ten years – it has been so long I have actually forgotten, but I’m pretty sure the little one was not even around yet. The run up to half term is the usual mix of cancelled flights, slight panicking, booking tests, rebooking flights – this is really not something I want to get used to ever.

Other than that, the month is uneventful. Totally. We end up flying with British Airways from City Airport in the end. BTW, here is a useful little tip for your future travels – it really helps telling your chauffeur which airport you are flying from as we nearly headed to Heathrow instead. My bad. Next little hickup upon arrival – our tests would have been invalid by the time we were due to land so we had the pleasure to repeat them there and then- like 95% of the other passengers too. But, no big deal in the end, just another 80 quid out of our pocket. One could think someone makes a hell of a lot of money with these tests…… The take off is not to my liking at all either – the strip is pretty short so it’s kind of like a sling shot start. Hello stomach fancy seeing you here. Nice view of the river though I have to say.

After a super short flight though which I very much appreciate we get off in Frankfurt only to be greeted by border control officers right at the plane door. They are not keen of this new little variant springing up in the UK everywhere so they check everyones papers there and then and even take a couple of people with them never to be seen again. They might, you never know. We are pretty much the last ones off the plane and walk through a deserted airport to the second border control check. I have to say it all goes super smooth and pretty quickly and poof – we stand there with our bits of luggage waiting for mum and dad to pick us up.

The happiness on the faces both of my little guy and his grandparents to see each other again is just heart melting. Pure love and joy. That is what the world needs a lot more of if you ask me.

Look after ourselves and your loved ones my marvelous friends. Candidly yours, TC.

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