June 2021

And just like this we are already in June. And in good, old Germany. Great on several counts. The little one was out of the door and playing with his friends here pretty much from the moment we arrived and he ishappy and laughing and just having a great time. No fear of the unknown, or worries he can’t talk with anyone, just head on into this new

adventure. He even got himself a little note pad writing down important German words with the help of his friends – the word police featured quite heavily in this though, so I do wonder what they had been up to…

I love being here. I feel content. At ease. This feels like home for the first time in ages. Unlike England has been for so many months as much as I hate to admit it. Strange really how things can change. I get to celebrate my birthday here. Lunch with friends, dinner with family, sitting outside, sipping Hugos and Aperol and everything is just as it should be. The little one pretty much feels the same so there is an idea starting to take root in the back of our heads and it sits there. Slowly growing. My mum’s birthday is the last thing we get to have here, then we have to head back, quarantine has to be observed and tests and all the other rip off rubbish that now comes with it. I still feel quite bitter about the total lack and compassion towards foreign residents – in any country for that matter – pandemic or not. Humans don’t forget about their young or their old, we care for those close to us. Never mind for now.

My English car has finally bitten the dust before we came over so I am getting a German one to take with me albeit temporarily. It is quite nice to drive through France, listening to the weird music the little one likes – FNAF anyone? – and have conversations ranging from the funny to the weird to the downright disturbing. I might have mentioned before that my little cherub can go from loveliest child alive to serial killer in the making in an instant. Which of course he most definately does not have from me.

One thing that becomes clear on our journey is the fact that we both would like to embark on this new adventure, although we know that it might not be welcomed by everyone. The first thing we have to do it have a chat with the big boy. He has to finish GCSEs so he has to live with dad – considering he spend the entire pandemic with us it will be a massive shock for him but I also think it will give him a chance to bond with his dad again. He has gone from child to young adult and his dad misses out on that. He isn’t even surprised and yes he has some reservations, but overall, he is okay with us going. That was the biggest issue for me. He needs to be happy. Not just me and the little one

Of course now we have to talk to the dads, but honestly, this is just a side note for me. The iportant people are in favour of the decision. No one lese matters. We have our chats – one in person, one in writing – and it is done. Suddenly, we are doing this. I am excited. Terrified. Happy. Overwhelmed. I don’t know what else. But, we are going to Germany. Watch this space.

Look after yourselves marvelous people. Much love, TC.

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