July 2021 I

I think we all have moved house once or twice in our lives so we know ow bloody stressful it is in general – but now try imagine moving abroad. Not something I would recommend to do too often. I am not too sure if my approach of winging it is entirely the best but as I have fared well with a lot of things in life this way it seems not the worst this time round.

I have to admit I am secretly impressed that I managed to deal with this not so little upshake of life in a surprisingly organised and structured manner though. Mind you, it’s not like I had much choice. Being the grown-up in the family that is my job after all and let’s be honest, the input especially from the little one is not particularly practical.

So I am writing lists and then some more lists and another list just to make sure I remember everything that needs sorting out only to forget about half of them and do them last minute anyway, or not at all. There are legal things to be dealt with in regards to the little one which painfully drags along, you need to give up your home of the last nine years and suddenly decide what is important enough to take and what can you leave behind. Not as easy as I thought it would be. Little side note: Thanks to Brexit you now pay for the privilege of posting your own stuff to yourself. No matter how little value (the cap is now gone) and of course they hit you with an admin fee for every single box.

Apart from us humans, the cat has to come too and he seems to need more and more paperwork to do so. But it is out of the question that the little fur ball stays behind. He is part of the family after all. Although he is less than impressed with the vet visits. It also dawns on me that he will be in the car with us driving all the way and I do sometimes wonder if I am quite sane. But then how would be get there otherwise? What is the worst that can happen anyway….

The days go by far too quickly, we have a little do to say good bye to friends which is nothing like our infamous parties of the past with Covid still all present, we try to visit places we won’t get a chance to see for a while and in general just squeeze in as much as we can to make to most of everything. The unnaturally hot weather throws a spanner in the works every so often as you can’t move without getting a heat stroke – I really wish our little brush of summer could have waited a bit. We eat Ramen in Cambridge and visit the food salls of Camden Lock – you definitely have our priorities right. The big one is deciding what he wants to keep and I love the fact he is keeping the giant sloth cuddly toy with him, you are never to old for a giant stuffed teddy.

I am so impressed with the little guy how matter of fact he says good bye to his friends and how excited he is for our big adventure – I am crying my eyes out on the last day of school, hugging my friends, promising visits and inviting half the school to the Christmas markets. Addresses and phone numbers are updated and checked and all of a sudden it has become very real that we won’t be here for the next school year.

Much love, marvelous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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