July 2021 II

And so here it goes – our new adventure is about to begin. When I moved to the UK back in 2004, I had a sparingly packed Ford Fiesta with me but now I am going to drive a rammed to the brim estate back to the motherland – including the life cargo of kid and cat. It started to dawn on me that this would probably not be that easy this time round, so my plan was to just put my foot and my head down respectively and get on with it. Not like I had much choice anyway.

I had a gigantic pile of paperwork with me to manoevre humans and animal through the pitfalls of international Covid border crossing with a pinch of no more transition Brexit thrown in for good measure. And yes I am counting on the nice French border control officers to show me as a fellow European mercy with all this stuff. The first issue arises very quickly far from any border – Mr Cat hates travelling in the car and is crying like there is no tomorrow. We realise very quickly he wants to see what is going on so he spends most of the way travelling on kiddo`s lap and occasionally even on mine. The last two hours we just put him on the arm rest between the front seats and he is so chilled out there he even goes to sleep.

Now I have to admit, this road trip was exhausting AF, but it went so surprsingly smooth, I would do it again in a heart beat – NOT. But, we make it arriving all in one piece and reasonably sound of mind too. Mr Cat takes refuge on the hat rack as soon as he enters his new home and is getting fussed over by four tin openers trying to soften the blow. He graciously accepts treats and saucers of water as sacrifices in his hidout and apart from peeing in my bed on our first night – which he charmingly did while I was sleeping in it – he was doing brilliantly.

I slept surprisingly little this first night and was already up quite early to empty the car. It felt a little like Aladdin`s cave and I honestly have no clue how all this stuff fitted in to begin with – fun fact on the side for you: there was a sign on in the car the entire journey which I interpreted as heavy load in the boot. Well it actually meant the boot wasn`t locked properly…. ah well, my lucky stars were working well that day!

Mr Cat started to discover the garden while I tried to find a home for all the things I had brought with me and shipped over plus there was still more coming. And even more waiting to be sorted out in the cellar of a friend. Let me just tell you – I really own a lot of books. And I carried them all two floors up. Sometimes a kindle does not seem to be such a bad idea.

We went on quite a few little shopping trips and I had little nervous breakdowns every now and then. Why on earth are chestnut mushrooms so expensive here? And do people not eat sugar snap peas and baby corn??? But, I have you know, the kebabery down the road does the best Yufkas there are. Even though kiddo calls them meaty wraps.

I shall speak to you soon marvellous people. Much love and as ever candidly yours, TC.

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