August I

It is so strange being back here. Of course it has not completely sunk in yet that this is not just a break but an actual move of countries. It is the summer holidays after all and it feels more like being a little bit closer to normal again after/during this bloody pandemic and not being trapped on an island anymore. Because let`s be honest, we all felt a little imprisoned those last months – years really.

It is pretty hot these days – if you are used to an English summer like us which as we all know tends to happen on July 17th between 2.17pm and 3.52pm you feel like slowly dying of heat exhaustion while the natives (Germans) just shrug their shoulders that it has been a little warm recently. Lord have mercy with us not so heat resistant ones. There are upsides of course. Like going for a walk after lunch – to the ice cream parlour and slowly working your way through the list of flavours available. In theory at least because the boys are stuck on Smarties, Bubblegum and occasionally Chocolate Biscuit for now.

What is utterly beautiful though – and I warn you now because I will not shut up about this ever again – are the little trips into the Black Forest. There are waterfalls, fairytale trails and interactive hiking routes especially for kids which are just too cute. If you don`t get lost half way through the forest that is. Which is absolutely not what might possibly have happened to us. More than once. But it is cooler up there, you get some entertainment out of it and feel completely and righfully so entitled to treat yourself to a piece of Torte oder a Schnitzel at the end of it to keep up your strength. Totally legit.

Of course it is not all just fun and games because we are Germany after all and as everyone knows Germany is the shining beacon in this world when it comes to law and order as long as the correct paperwork is attached threefold and with a self addressed envelope with the correct postage. I am not even joking. There is a form for everything and just to be thorough another to confirm you filed your form conform with the norm. Are you still with me? No? I cant say I blame you I have already given up days ago. The biggest nuissance to date (and the most stressful of all to be honest) is the fact that my son needs a residence permit because he doesn`t have a German passport. So he is currently sailing through life as an illegal little alien. And everything takes three times as long due to Covid. Let us hope they won`t throw him out anytime soon. That would be so inconvenient.

I shall now go back to enjoying my Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte followed by a Bratwurst and read some Goethe in my Dirndl. I`m joking of course, tonight`s dinner will be a Yufka from the awesome Turkish place round the corner. I do actually have a dirndl, but Oktoberfest is unfortunately cancelled this year.

Much love, marvellous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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