September I

Well, suddenly we only have a couple of weeks or so to go before school starts here as well – this is the last of the Bundesländer to go back after the summer holidays so the boy got a rather extra long break – and me and the little one are now on our own in good old Germany as not only is the big one back in the UK but Oma and Opa are on one of their holidays.

The whole move has by now become very real for the both of us and we do get the occasional wobble, but nothing we can’t handle. The sweets aisle in the local shops does help splendidly though, I’m not going to lie.

My main aim is to make those last couple of weeks great and fun and maybe get to know this place a lot better; after all my break from la vie en Allemagne has been extensive and I myself do feel like a fish out of water a lot of the time. And some more bonding time before we have to get back to real life would be great too. Easier said than done though. We seem to have slightly different ideas of a time well spent. Opposite ends of the spectrum at times actually.

Being so close to the Black Forest, hiking up a hill or mountain and having a nice lunch is usually my idea of close to heaven, but the junior is more used to leasurely walks with his dad. Preferably just from watering hole to watering hole. It takes some getting used to trying to find a good middle ground with those different points of view.

We have by now come to the agreement that the weekend gets split into one Mama day and one boy day so we both get to choose stuff we like and that seems to be the golden ticket. At least for now, because Boy has already put a claim on a number of things in the near future – most of them related to boulders and snow somehow – that make me wonder where exactly we will get the necessary number of extra days from to fit it all in. But I guess we can worry about that at a later date. When it is boulders and snow outside for example.

We had to add a slightly stressful little shopping trip into the big city as well, to get all the school stuff the little one needs – and I can tell you there is rather much of it! I was feeling a tad overwhelmed by all the different lines and squares, borders wide and narrow and what not. Then all the colours. A different one for each subject, divided again in homework books, exercise books and numerous ominous folders. My poor head. But the boy thinks it’s exciting so who am I to complain. He does however get his own nervous breakdown when it comes to labelling our purchases. It is actually rocket science.

Next week will bring us the excitement of starting school. Fingers crossed the theory does live up to the ginormous expectations, both from mother and son.

Take care of yourselves my marvellous people. Candidly yours, TC.

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