September II

And just like this, the seriousness of life has us straight back in its grip. School is starting! And that at 7.45am every day. I am not quite sure who has been more excited and nervous about those first few days out of the two of us, but to give him his due, this boy is taking everything and everyone in his stride and with such coolness, I do wonder sometimes where he gets it from. It just can’t be me. To make sure everything follows the proper German traditions, he of course has a Schultüte – a cone shaped bag (for lack of a better word for it) filled with sweets and little bits he needs for school. He was very proud of it. And of course got a sugar high right away munching his way through everything in one go.

The initiation of the new 5th graders – German school is structured a little different to English ones, with primary school compressed into four short years and secondary starting in the fifth – takes place outside in the school playground due to all the Covid rules still in place and he is mixing in well with all the other kids as if he has been part of the club from the start. It does of course help that most of them are just as new as he is. There are some games and some music and some words from head mistress and teachers and then off they go into the building and the parents are dismissed with orders to come and collect the little darlings a couple of hours later. And in the first of I’m sure many more to come Mama fails, I am of course late picking him up. Although I have been following the instructions schoolside to the letter.

I am delighted he strolls out super chilled though despite the little scalding I get for my lateness. The first week is mainly for settling in and getting to know his new class and the school grounds. There are 1 200 pupils all in all, divided into different levels of primary and secondary. He trotts into school every day, happily, and not really too bothered about the language and the new environment. To say I am proud of the little guy is an utter understatement. He is simply awesome. I could burst with pride.

Of course we do hit some bumps along the road as he does of course not understand everything right away and once it comes to homework, things get a little more difficult. But then even I struggle with some of the stuff he is supposed to learn so stones, glasshouse and all that. The peculiarities are coming out slowly, like when he has to learn to write with an ink pen – you cannot imagine the protest that goes on for days in this house. And we do have a slight issue with his handwriting – there definitely is a doctor in the making right here.

Enjoy the those golden days of autum my marvellous friends. Candidly yours, TC.

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