The One With The Old Flame

One could argue that this one does not really count as a date of sorts, mainly because it was never intended for it to be one from the start. But then I can be quite sentimental at times and this being not a wasted evening at all plus some definite romance whirling in the air all night, it does deserve some kind words.

I have been fortunate enough to still be able to speak to a couple of my exes – I guess if the time you dated happens to be decades ago, you start to mellow towards each other again. Yay for turning into mature adults. Or you just have forgotten how rotten things were. An ex is an ex for a reason after all.

With this particular one, we had been in touch on and off for years, always talking about meeting up, always missing the opportunity, but keeping tabs on each others lives. And behold, it then happened to come to pass that decided to put butter by the fish as the German says and have a proper catch over some dinner one evening. Both making damn sure it was just that. Catching up. Not a date.

Being the gentleman he had always been he picked me up and we went for dinner in one of the numerous beer houses my home town has to offer. This does sound rather meh, but I have you know, it was super cool and stylish with fabuous food and remarkable refreshments and not a drunk body in sight. Just easy on the eye ones. If that wasn’t a bonus. As we had always gotten on well, we picked up a flowing conversation right from the moment I got in his car. Apart from the exchange of information collected over the years, there were lots of witty jokes thrown around, reminiscing over old times and days long gone and of course, there was some obvious flirting going on. And why not when we were both in such pleasant company. I had oroginally thought to be home at a fairly decent hour but it was quickly very obvious that this was never going to happen. We just had way too much fun with each to cut the evening short too early. And as you surely remember I had considerably worse dates than this catch up so pardon me for actually enjoying myself.

So the evening continued with this sparkling conversation and the light touches here and there and flirty looks all over the place until we were gently reminded by a waitress the place wanted to close and it was time to pay the bill. Oops. Like the lights coming on when you are the last one dancing. And badly at that. So a little unwillingly we packed up but were not quite ready to call it a night yet. Now bear with me with this obvious clichè but as he had his office closeby, it seemed to be a non brainer to get a night cap there and not let the evening end this abruptly. Yes, yes I hear ya. And I did not care. So yes, we did have a coffe and chatted some more. And of course it ended in some very nice snogs. Lots of them actually. Very pleasant ones at that. And it was way past midnight before I got home with slightly disheveled hair.

The morning after was a little bit awkward at first as we both tried to work out what the other one was thinking was going to happen next without stepping on respective toes to much. You can imagine the relief all round that we both felt when it becale clear it had been a brilliant evening. But nothing more. Back to being good friends.

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