Oktober I

The first few weeks of school have been quite an adventure but a good one at that – we have now settled into our routine of getting up early, school finishing around lunch time, followed by a couple of hours of homework every way, especially Wednesdays and Thursdays. The first tests have mastered somehow and the little one has done surprisingly well in them.

Especially considering he is not getting any bonus points for not being a native speaker.

My sabbatical is starting to bore me by now so I am putting my feelers out for a new job somewhere, the final piece of the puzzle of settling in for good. But I am taking my time with it, I’m not in a rush. For one I don’t really know what I want to do, I just know what I don’t fancy anymore at all. Retail. No thank you. I have done this throughout Corona now, I paid my dues and some. I’d like to bow out of this show. I would quite like a nice little office job, working 9 to 5 has a lot of appeal. But not entirely, part time would be great. But we will see.

I got a last jet setting adventure ahead of me – the big one has his birthday mid Oktober so I am going over to the UK to see him. I miss him terribly but thanks to modern technology we are constantly in each others pocket, quite literally. I somehow managed to pack this second week quite full. First play dates for the little one, a job interview, some travelling and a date on the Friday. I wonder when I get some time to breathe on all this.

So we start the week with the little one’s play date although he does hate this term by now, he is hanging out with his mates. Which happens to be a huge success. It is heart warming to see him make new friends so easily. Then we have the travel whammie. Driving to the airport still takes longer than the actual flight. I’m so excited to see my birthday boy. I pick him up from school and after quickly changing we nip into one of the great little cafes I miss so much and have ….. a huge plate of nachos with pulled pork. As you do. And it is absolutely fabulous. If you ever happen to find yourself at Stansted airport, do yourself a culinary favour and head to the South Street Pantry in Bishop’s Stortford. They close quite early so we move on to another watering hole and meet auntie and a cousin for further celebrations. Mainly more food. We talk a lot and our time together passes very quickly. We drop him back home and I head off with auntie to stay until the flight backin the mornng. Im in the country for 19 hours in total. I am beyond relieved he is settled and happy with things, not having the back and forth between homes and just chilled in general.

Back in Germany, I don’t get much of a breather as homework is in full swing right away and the little one kindly kept everything possible aside so I don’t miss out on the pleasure of doing it with him. And poof – the week is already gone and I am getting ready for my date. I am admittedly more nervous because this guy, I actually really like. Fingers crossed my friends.

Take care of yourselves, marvellous people and mucho amor your way. Candidly yours, TC.

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