Oktober II

Second half of the month and not only is the first halfterm coming up but also Halloween is looming in the shadows. The little one will not go to England after all, his dad is working away so there does not seem to be much point. But he is very excited to have his first spooky party in Germany so that softens the blow considerably.

We have teamed up with our neighbours – all with kids, all super nice and friendly – to throw some form of communal, covid conform do in the backgardens. There will be a lot of food, fire and mulled wine. And scary costumes. And as Halloween is on a Sunday this year, it is extra cool that November 1st is a bank holiday here. One needs to be given ample time to recover from the mulled wine. The little one has also invited a couple of friends from school, he is well and truly settling in and adjusting to life in Teutonia.

The house needs to be dressed up properly too – and we have stuck to our favourite theme of webs and spiders. Opa is not impressed, the neighbourhood kids however are both delighted and slightly terrified. Mission accomplished I think. I have to say guests here seem to be a lot more involved, offering help and to bring things along that are needed. The whole culture around entertaining is very different, you don’t need to chase people for replies if they attend and it is a yes or no, not the dreaded maybe that leaves you none the wiser. And it turns out to be a great little event. The food is all round fab and frightening (sausage mummies, skull potatoes and finger biscuits to name just a few), there is a large camp fire, marshmallows, mulled wine and plenty of trick and treaters. The kids are having a great time and so do the grown ups. I do admit I have the tiniest of hang overs the next day, but as everyone lend a hand clearing up before going home, I can chill rather than being busy. Not the worst bank holiday if you ask me.

The halfterm is over ever so quickly. We do our thing of little trips around the area, a lot of walks and bike rides and meeting friends for food and play. Time seems to speed up when life is good. The little one is looking forward to going back to school and seeing his friends again – even though they were hanging out during the holidays (but apparently, that’s different). Life flows along smoothly.

Ah yes, there was of course something else. Do you happen to remember that date I mentioned earlier this month? Well, I am quietly pleased to report we did not leave it at just the one but that there have already been a couple for visits to restaurants and some Netflix and chill. And so far, there is no hint of this ending anytime soon. I’m happy. And content. And actually quite smitten. A bit of a strange feeling, I can’t deny that, given the last few years, but nonetheless a very good one that I don’t want to loose anytime soon…..

Take care of yourselves, marvellous people and mucho amor your way. Candidly yours, TC.

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