August 2019 – Week 32

Summer holidays week 3. We are spending the week in the North of France in a cute little house right by the beach. Should be utterly blissful, alas it is not. Being in a confined space with a lot of people for a long time is not particularly good for me. Even if we are […]

July 2019 – Week 31

Well hello summer holidays! Two weeks of blissful family activities, delightful day trips and happy memories. As if. Any parent knows that the summer holidays are the single most stressful period of time for any mum and dad, especially when you are working and trying to balance out of sync childcare, riot running children and […]

July 2019 – Week 30

It is the first child free week of the summer holidays – well the first week of the summer holidays in general so I am off to a good start with that one. Mind you I know we have a few weeks ahead of us to spend some quality time together as well and I […]

July 2019 – Week 29

This has not only been the last week of the entire school year but is also the week our beloved au pair is going back home to pursue new adventures. As in university. We are going to miss her terribly. She has been great with the boys, like a little sister and friend to me […]

A Wedding Encounter

2019/07/03 – Elizabeth, London ‘Have you ever watched Four weddings and a funeral?’ was my Dad’s question when I rang him after yet another’you really are a lovely girl but I’m sorry I don’t see this going anywhere’ message after a date. I hadn’t – and for those of you who haven’t either it is […]

July 2019 – Week 28

This week has been ridiculous at work. I worked as much as I normally do in the weeks running up to Christmas. To say I am overtired and very grumpy is a bit of an understatement. But then there are holidays to pay for and things I like to get so maybe I should not […]

July 2019 – Week 27

Pinch, punch, seventh month of the year.¬† Or something like that. Now wee are officially in July, the first half of 2019 is over and done with. Scary stuff. Time passes so much quicker when you get older and have to deal with the mundane stuff of going to work and paying bills. It also […]

June 2019 – Week 26

This week has officially been the end of my life. I am not joking. Last week, I had visited my GP because I have some unflattering issues with my stomach. Some days more, some days less, I sport a defined pregnant look. And I have been getting rather fed up with it as I am […]

June 2019 – Week 25

¬†This week did not start with cake like the last one but at least it did with good intentions. After taking up my running again, I am sticking with it. It’s hard. But I fond dropping the little one to school and going right after the school run works a treat. Fingers crossed I see […]

Southbank Sunsets

2019/06/13 – Kat, London Even though I am no longer involved with this boy I wanted to write about our first date anyway because it’s one of the few dates I had that went well. We met at Waterloo station. At first I thought he was a catfish because he said he was outside M&S […]