I realise I have not been particularly great updating this blog in the last weeks (months really) but there have been good reasons for it and I promise from now on I will be a good girl and put my mind to it diligently.

I am of course bursting to tell you what has been going on, but I will proceed in an orderly fashion.

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This was one of the rather meh kind of dates, not least down to the fact the guy was a vegetarian. Now before you are all up in arms and get upset with me, I really have nothing against people being vegetarian - one of my best friends is a gluten-free vegan (yeah I know that's a double whammie) and I go to great length to make sure she is properly fed and watered when she is at my house. Continue reading The One With The Vegetarian

I spend a lot of time in the last two weeks thinking. Well, I would like to assume that I generally on any given day spend a lot of time thinking but this has been a different kind of thinking. After my weekend in Edinburgh with the Cowboy, where conversations were had, mutual goals got established and the 'L' word mentioned from both sides, I am now finding myself at the same point than before. Continue reading Head Vs Heart