The One With The Ragazzo ROMAntico

As you know by now, the best cure for a broken heart is, in my book, a new date. ow I do admit that, after the upheaval of recent weeks, I am very much not heartbroken at all, but rather relieved and quite happy. And now no more of cowboys…..

The First One After The Break Up

After I had been seeing the Cowboy for a while, he decided to give me the boot in a rather shitty way – cooked me dinner, let me stay the night (which finally included pretty good sex again for our standards), then ignored me for days and finally dumped me by text. Excellent. And rather […]

The One Without A Spark

Going on a date is a bit like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get (Thank you, Mr Gump). Of course, when we want to buy a new box we haven’t tried before, we choose one that really appeals to us and leave the known or boring looking ones […]

The One With The Vegetarian

This was one of the rather meh kind of dates, not least down to the fact the guy was a vegetarian. Now before you are all up in arms and get upset with me, I really have nothing against people being vegetarian – one of my best friends is a gluten-free vegan (yeah I know […]

The One With Cowboy Steve, Kettlethief II

I assume you figured out by now who I referred to in my anticipated date – of course it had been Cowboy Steve, Kettlethief I decided to give another chance. I still cannot understand why it is that this particular guy had such a deep emotional hold over me but then if we understood love […]

The Anticipated One

Technically, this shouldn’t be here. It hasn’t happened yet. Unlike most of my dates that I approach with a distinct unimpressed close to not giving a fuck attitude, this one makes me a nervous, anxious but equally excited and hopeful wreck. Why you might ask. Because this one isn’t really a first one. It’s old […]

The One That Went Great And Still Tits Up

Every so often, you have a great first date. One you remember for all the right reasons, that gives you butterflies in your stomach and puts a stupid smile on your face. Of course it still goes to pot shortly after which makes you wonder if you’re best off to sign up for the crazy […]

The One That Went Spectacularly Wrong

I love chatting. So any guy who happily engages in that automatically gets held in higher esteem than others and gets ‘first dibs’ on a date. I sometimes chat to two or three guys¬† and my time is sparse so I have to choose which one to go out with. Add to that the occasional […]

The One With The French Garcon

After a couple of months of dating Cowboy Steve, we had our first, rather spectacular break-up. This one was actually more on my account, quite ironic given how this would play out in the future. Let’s just say, don’t leave the choice of condoms to the guy….. Anyway, as my lighter heartbreak remedy of choice […]

The One With Cowboy Steve, Kettlethief

Before Cowboy Steve the Kettlethief turned into a Grade A asshole, we managed a pretty good first date – obviously, considering I was hooked on this guy for quite some time. Despite him having an aversion to texting throughout us dating, pre first date he did quite well with that. Full sentences and all. I […]