Dear Diary

Well, suddenly we only have a couple of weeks or so to go before school starts here as well - this is the last of the Bundesländer to go back after the summer holidays so the boy got a rather extra long break - and me and the little one are now on our own in good old Germany as not only is the big one back in the UK but Oma and Opa are on one of their holidays.

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It is so strange being back here. Of course it has not completely sunk in yet that this is not just a break but an actual move of countries. It is the summer holidays after all and it feels more like being a little bit closer to normal again after/during this bloody pandemic and not being trapped on an island anymore. Because let`s be honest, we all felt a little imprisoned those last months - years really.

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I think we all have moved house once or twice in our lives so we know ow bloody stressful it is in general - but now try imagine moving abroad. Not something I would recommend to do too often. I am not too sure if my approach of winging it is entirely the best but as I have fared well with a lot of things in life this way it seems not the worst this time round.

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I realise I have not been particularly great updating this blog in the last weeks (months really) but there have been good reasons for it and I promise from now on I will be a good girl and put my mind to it diligently.

I am of course bursting to tell you what has been going on, but I will proceed in an orderly fashion.

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