Just A Thought

I spend a lot of time in the last two weeks thinking. Well, I would like to assume that I generally on any given day spend a lot of time thinking but this has been a different kind of thinking. After my weekend in Edinburgh with the Cowboy, where conversations were had, mutual goals got established and the 'L' word mentioned from both sides, I am now finding myself at the same point than before. Continue reading Head Vs Heart

Yet again, that day of the year has come round where I am finding myself 'celebrating' some obscure holy man who - fun fact - is also the patron saint of epilepsy. No, I am not some grumpy old lady who is pissed off that she has been left on the shelf while everyone else is frollocking in merry dualism, because after all I am single pretty much out of choice. And let's be honest, the entertainment value of me being unmanned is not to be underestimated.

Continue reading Single Pringle Shout Out