Single Mum Life

This was one of the rather meh kind of dates, not least down to the fact the guy was a vegetarian. Now before you are all up in arms and get upset with me, I really have nothing against people being vegetarian - one of my best friends is a gluten-free vegan (yeah I know that's a double whammie) and I go to great length to make sure she is properly fed and watered when she is at my house. Continue reading The One With The Vegetarian

Yet again, that day of the year has come round where I am finding myself 'celebrating' some obscure holy man who - fun fact - is also the patron saint of epilepsy. No, I am not some grumpy old lady who is pissed off that she has been left on the shelf while everyone else is frollocking in merry dualism, because after all I am single pretty much out of choice. And let's be honest, the entertainment value of me being unmanned is not to be underestimated.

Continue reading Single Pringle Shout Out