In Kara Ben Nemsi’s Footsteps – Marrakech

One of the things I want to slowly change is seeing more of the world. I am also terrified of flying. Which is a little inconvenient to say the least. I always wanted to go to Marrakech so when a good friend of mine was mad enough to say she would come along I sucked […]

Cheese Galore – Amsterdam

This trip has been a while ago, September 2015 to be precise, but it has been a very special one for me. The last time I had set foot on a plane before this had been in late 2004. One of my friends had her hen do planned on Tenerife the year after and insisted […]

Mountains Of Doom – Three Peaks Challenge

In May 2018, I completed this challenge together with five absolutely amazing human beings who luckily for myself and them of course, I can call my friends. For those who don’t know what this is about, you climb the three highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales in as short a time possible. Dead easy. […]

The French Hideout

I’m really fortunate that my family owns a little chalet in the French Lorraine region, a forlorn place in the middle of a large forest dotted with ruins, lakes and countless wild blueberry bushes. Before you think I’m rather posh, growing up at the German-French boarder does have it’s perks. My grandad built the house […]