The Unimportance Of Being Serious

It might surprise you to learn, that, more often than not, whilst I’m swiping and bumbling away, I do spend a second or two to take in the blurbs that accompany the face I’m looking at. Sometimes it is actually fun reading, even if it’s just to screenshot the spelling mistakes and forward them with […]

Research Of The Stalking Kind

I’m old enough to remember the good old days when you had to pull yourself together and ask someone face to face if they wanted a drink with you/ would give you their number/ wanted to go on a date. It was nerve wrecking but you knew where you were at right away. No one […]

Karma Clothes And Other Stuff

I absolutely believe in Karma clothes. And other things that have either a blessing or a curse attached to them. The blessed jumper, the doomed dress, the get lucky shoes – you name it, I have worn them and they either brought me luck or made me throw up on a guy (True story). That […]

Gypsies, Cowboys And Thieves

I normally try not to hold grudges, but I’m pretty certain the Cowboy is never going to qualify for any level of forgiveness on my part so this is going to be very personal. I actually wish everyone who knows this guy is going to come across this at some point just so they know […]

Meeting Mrs Bucket

I used to think people like Mrs Bucket were an absolutely ridiculous figment of someone’s imagination, after all, keeping up appearances is just a saying. Or is it? I’m not the most diplomatic or strategic person in the world, so if I don’t like you or something or someone else, I make damn well sure […]

37 Going On Keith Richards …

It’s Sunday afternoon and the sun has entirely abandoned us. I’m a bit bored. Oh, I have enough to do, I just can’t be bothered to even try attempt anything that’s on my never ending lists and without anything else meaningful to pass my time (saving baby dolphins or the like), I am going to […]

The Name Game

Most dates I have been on are the result of me swiping one way or the other. I don’t swipe that often, normally when I’m totally bored or I let friends swipe for me – with shall we say interesting results at times. I hate the bee swiping, the time limit you get really hacks […]

Head Vs Heart

I spend a lot of time in the last two weeks thinking. Well, I would like to assume that I generally on any given day spend a lot of time thinking but this has been a different kind of thinking. After my weekend in Edinburgh with the Cowboy, where conversations were had, mutual goals got […]

Interpretations Of The Written Word

I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with books. I am entirely incapable of walking past a bookshop – especially if it offers antiques or out of print books  – or the weird and wonderful treasure troves that is the charity shops dotted on our high streets and not look at what hidden gem might be […]

Casper The Fucking Ghost

I’m pretty sure when cute little Casper was floating over our silver screens, the word ghosting didn’t exist. Or maybe it did, but it meant something completely different. I’m not entirely sure what though. Today, if you hear from someone that they have been ghosted, you know right away what’s going on. Some arse has […]