First dates

I am reasonably content being single, in fact, I think I’m better off for it. I have a busy life that evolves to a large extend around myself, work, my children and my friends (and no speculation should arise from this order) and once all those are satisfied and taken care of, there isn’t much time left for anyone or anything else. I also know I really suck at being a girl-friend/other half/wife, if that’s down to my choices so far or entirely down to me is of course debatable. But generally, I just can’t be bothered anymore doing one more thing for someone else I don’t entirely feel worthy of this investment of my time, effort and affection – other than my kids, my family, my friends and myself.

Of course I go on dates. If anything they can be entertaining and you get a free meal out of it and to see a new place – unless, like me, you always seem to end up at the same haunt. They are more or less successful – well less really – as so far not one has materialised into anything that makes me want to reconsider above mentioned attitude. And I’m pretty sure for the right person I am going to do that. I’m not a totally lost cause. Although I do own a cat.

Now, most of these dates are okay, some even good. Others totally unremarkable and occasionally, they go spectacularly wrong. I should add though that they are not published in chronological order In case you were wondering. I hope you enjoy reading them.