London Days

As you might have gathered by now, I don’t always have dates to write about. Neither does my brain constantly produce entertaining pieces about various subjects that go round in it. Not to mention that with school and work, the amount I travel is a bit limited too (I’m working on that one though).

I still do things though. Random things that I suddenly fancy because you know what, I can. New things to try, new places to see, lost memories refreshed and old but cherished  habits given new life. There is a surprisingly vast amount of new and old alike out there, just around the corner, right in front of your eyes if you just open them a little bit wider, just waiting to be discovered or to resurface. So I thought I start this little diary thing about stuff I do. You might find it sad, but I find it worth noting. Take some inspiration from it if you will. Or at least it might make you feel like you’re doing alright after all.

Much love, TC.