single life

Yet again, that day of the year has come round where I am finding myself 'celebrating' some obscure holy man who - fun fact - is also the patron saint of epilepsy. No, I am not some grumpy old lady who is pissed off that she has been left on the shelf while everyone else is frollocking in merry dualism, because after all I am single pretty much out of choice. And let's be honest, the entertainment value of me being unmanned is not to be underestimated.

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It might surprise you to learn, that - more often than not - while swiping away on my dating adventures, I do spend a second or two to take in the blurbs that accompany the face I am looking at. Sometimes it is actually fun reading, even if it's just to screenshot the spelling mistakes or some outrageous statement and forward them with a number of expressionist emojis to my lovely Nat (she used to be a teacher after all so she shares my cringes on those). Continue reading The Unimportance Of Being Serious